*Party Deal* Create Your Own Furry Friend - 4 Pack
*Party Deal* Create Your Own Furry Friend - 4 Pack *Party Deal* Create Your Own Furry Friend - 4 Pack *Party Deal* Create Your Own Furry Friend - 4 Pack

*Party Deal* Create Your Own Furry Friend - 4 Pack

PLEASE NOTE the front image is representative and everything is not included.

REQUIRES Needles & Scissors – not supplied

Bulk Deal you get 4 unpackaged sets: ideal for Craft Party Activities!

Design your own cute and cuddly furry friend guaranteed to make you smile.
Recommended for ages 7 - 10. Can be used for younger with assistance and supervision or if they have sewing experience.

This Seedling Furry Friends Kit contains:

Assorted Fabric, x2 A4

Felt – Quality A5, x2

Sock – measures – 23 x 7cm, (foot length is 16cm- toe to heal)


We will include 1 thread pack which includes at least 5 threads reels. (Random colours)

We will also include 2 glue bottles (60mls).

Stick with our design or let your creativity fly! You can with Seelding! The only limits is your imagination! Create a woodland creature or whatever you want to. It is up to you to decide. Having fun while creating your original friend.

The actual unboxed product photo is included, components in a cello bag.

Unboxed: Inner bag only - Seconds Pack.

The fully packaged product retails for around $23.99 each

Did you know Seedling is a NZ Owned and Operated Business Operating in Christchurch?!!

Seedling, is a proud New Zealand brand. Seedling encourages the natural process of thinking and doing!

Growing basic skills into a passion for creative thinking and problem solving. Our kits are not ‘paint by

number’ kits but are designed to encourage kids to seek answers and help from adults, building relationships

And communication skills.

We supply the materials, but you supply the big ideas!

Seedling loves the potential

in every child to take basic skills & materials and make something extraordinary!

Seedling is a proudly New Zealand Owned and Operated Brand.

Planting Seeds Growing Minds

Please note the Bunny picture is an alternative design one of our crafty experts made with the same contents :)

Age: 7 -


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